What began as a health crisis, developed into an economic recession and profound social crisis, questioning our values and way forward.

The importance of youth work as a vehicle of personal and professional development of young people across Europe has been gaining undeniable importance. The years of pandemic have triggered new challenges, which require continuous professional development of youth workers. The new refugee wave in Europe, calls for action that supports thousands of people from Ukraine, alongside with those keep coming from Syria, to re-define and re-find their way in hard to navigate change.

Eurofound examined how young people aged 18-29 have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis in terms of employment, their economic situation, social exclusion, mental well-being and trust in institutions. Mental well-being has reached its lowest level in late spring of 2021, across all age groups. 

Everyone has been in some form of isolation due to the medical restrictions. For young persons this isolation led to different negative impacts, which can be summarized as decreased social interactions, leading to risk of depressions, apathy, demotivation, nichilism, etc. Overall, the pandemic influence negatively not only our physical, but also psychological state of being and questioned the fundamental pillars of “normal” human existence.


Aims at achieving the following objectives and outcomes in the following directions:

Addressing post-covid and politically challenging situation in Europe, in the recent 2-3 years, mainly – supporting trainers and young people 18-29 to establish coping mechanisms to improve their mental health, wellbeing, and purpose for the future. The whole society is facing challenge in coping with emotional status and motivation, however, young people, in the beginning of their career or in the first decade of their work life are challenged the most as their future and the way they have envisioned it is questioned and with high level of insecurity. On the other hand, the purpose and meaning of “helpers” – youth workers and motivational trainers is strongly challenged and in order to be effective in supporting youth to re-gain optimism, “helpers” need support too.

Democratization of coaching and growth practices, making them accessible for young people, as well as for the community of the helpers – trainers, teachers, youth workers, people from informal and citizenship education, who are in service to the youth and society.

The Partners

NMCT, Belgium

New Mind Coaching & Training accompany in the development of conscious leadership models for-profit and for-impact organizations. 

NMS, Bulgaria

The National Management School supports the development and quality of formal and non-formal education and create conditions for building a knowledge-based economy and society.

North Consulting, Iceland

Helps companies, public entities and non-profit organisations in developing and delivering new products, projects and services, aiming a a more inclusive and a better society for all.

Van Dale Europe, Bulgaria

Develops innovative award-winning tools and games aiming at facilitating learning, personal, and professional growth with ease and inspiration.

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