Expected outcome: The creation of inclusive, accessible, online coaching tool (I.YOU) that will facilitate the process of self- coaching and empowerment to help young adults (18-29 years old) dealing with the post-pandemic challenges and adapt to the adversity and uncertainty of the new world’s reality.

The tangible result of this project will be the delivery of the – I.YOU software. Translated into objectives – the desired result is to deliver an interactive, innovative, online coaching tool that will help release the hidden potential in the youth learners and empower them through their trainers to take action and control over their career and life.

The I.YOU software will be based on coaching methodologies because coaching is positive, empowering, and future oriented. It prompts the individual to identify and develop personal strengths and to discover new opportunities. There are a lot of benefits of coaching and self-coaching as:
full autonomy; improvement in confidence levels; heightening self- awareness; positive change in mindset; reduction in the anxiety, depression, and panic levels; zero cost; as well as improvement in individual performance.

The software can be used individually, with a partner, or in a group.


1. Ready-to-use – prompting action, which is a key to sustainable change;
2. Easy-to-use – anyone without previous experience can benefit of the software;
3. Innovative – empowering youth learners and their trainers into self-coaching;4. Online – accessible at any time and allowing to easily to scale;
5. Engaging – transformation as an interesting process;
6. Intuitive – all the work that will happen with the help of the I.YOU software does not require reading manuals or long instructions;
7. Adaptive – allows flexibility and adaptation by the youth trainers (no one right way to use it);
8. Inspiring – simple and gamified, with no right or wrong answers to inspire exploration and growth into the users.

The Partners

NMCT, Belgium

New Mind Coaching & Training accompany in the development of conscious leadership models for-profit and for-impact organizations. 

NMS, Bulgaria

The National Management School supports the development and quality of formal and non-formal education and create conditions for building a knowledge-based economy and society.

North Consulting, Iceland

Helps companies, public entities and non-profit organisations in developing and delivering new products, projects and services, aiming a a more inclusive and a better society for all.

Van Dale Europe, Bulgaria

Develops innovative award-winning tools and games aiming at facilitating learning, personal, and professional growth with ease and inspiration.

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