EQ, What vs. Why questions, the I.YOU app and a great learning opportunity 

The topic of Why vs. What questions and the work of Tasha Eurich inspired the I.You project team to develop one of 45 prompts, which we created for the content of a very cool digital coaching tool – The I.YOU app for self-coaching

Emotional intelligence is a vital aspect of our personal and professional lives. It involves understanding and managing our emotions and those of others around us. One key element of emotional intelligence is self-awareness, which means having a deep understanding of our emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and drives. However, self-awareness is not always easy to achieve. Sometimes, when we ask questions to understand ourselves or others better, we may receive a negative response. That’s where the WHAT question comes in.

Asking “What” instead of “Why” can help us gain better self-awareness. According to the organizational psychologist and researcher Tasha Eurich, “Why” questions are “surprisingly ineffective for self-awareness because we don’t have access to many of our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and motives. As a result, we tend to invent answers that feel true but are often wrong. This can lead to unproductive rumination and even decreased self-insight.”

On the other hand, “What” questions help us stay objective, future-focused, and empowered to act on our new insights. For example, instead of asking, “Why did I react that way?”, we can ask ourselves, “What triggered that reaction in me?” This question helps us identify the external factors that may have contributed to our reaction and find ways to manage them.

Likewise, asking “What” questions when trying to understand others can lead to better communication and relationships. Instead of asking, “Why did you do that?” which can come off as accusatory or judgmental, we can ask, “What was your motivation behind that action?” This question allows the other person to explain their thought process and intentions without feeling attacked.

In addition to its benefits for self-awareness, asking “What” questions can also help us cultivate a growth mindset. When we focus on “What” questions, we become more solution-oriented and open to learning from our mistakes. On the other hand, “Why” questions can lead us to a fixed mindset where we feel stuck in our current circumstances.

Emotional intelligence is crucial for personal and professional growth, and self-awareness is an essential aspect of it. By combining emotional intelligence with a coaching approach, we can naturally enhance our personal and professional development. This is where the I.YOU self-coaching tool comes in – an innovative digital approach that can enrich your work and performance as a trainer, educator, or consultant.

If you are a youth trainer or worker, coach, facilitator, or educator who works with learners aged between 18 and 29 in Iceland, Belgium, or Bulgaria, then the I.YOU Training is the perfect opportunity for you. The training will introduce you to the I.YOU self-coaching app, providing you with a digital tool that will help you become more independent in your work.

By attending the I.YOU Training, you can expect to have a great learning experience, working with the I.YOU App and within the “I.YOU Training” community. You will explore digital tools in training and coaching, learning how to use the I.YOU self-coaching app to enhance your personal and professional growth.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to take your professional journey to the next level with I.YOU Training – first cohort will be trained free of charge, as this project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program. 

If you are youth worker or work with young people in Belgium, Bulgaria, or Iceland, register today and discover how EQ and innovative digital tools can enrich your work and performance as a trainer, educator, or consultant, working with young people under 30. Want to learn more? Read here and apply now: https://i-you.eu/2023/04/04/apply-for-the-i-you-training-and-compliment-your-facilitation-practice-with-a-cool-digital-coaching-tool/

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