Apply for the “I.YOU Training” and compliment your facilitation practice with a cool digital coaching tool  

Spots are limited, and fee is covered by the Erasmus + Programme of EU, apply now.

Are you an educator, trainer, coach, consultant, or facilitator, working most often with people, aged under 30? 

Are you curious how EQ (Emotional intelligence) and an innovative digital approach in facilitation can enrich your work and performance as trainer, educator, or consultant? 

Want to explore digital tools in training and coaching?

If you said YES to these 3 questions, “I.YOU Training” is what you need. It will introduce you to the I.YOU self-coaching app and will enrich your professional journey by adding the flavour of digital independence to it.

You are the perfect applicant if: 

  • You are a youth trainer or workers, coach, facilitator, or educator; 
  • You work with learners – groups, teams, and individuals, most often aged between 18 and 29 y.o.; 
  • You live in one of the following countries: Iceland, Belgium, Bulgaria.

What can you expect by attending the I.YOU Training?

A great learning experience, working with the I.YOU App and within the “I.YOU Training”: 

  • 4 hours in real time and 4 hours asynchronous learning – delivered online or in person, in a small group with up to 8 participants, locally, in your country (Iceland, Belgium, Bulgaria), between June and September 2023.
    ! Ask the local partner for a specific timeline; 
  • Very practical and exciting learning experience, based on the 3 main categories, which structure the I.YOU app – Open Mind, Open Heart, Open World;
  • A valuable opportunity for mentoring and peer support and further development of your facilitation skillset; 
  • Additional recourses, tips, and tricks, generously provided by the experienced team of professional trainers. 
  • Development of your own Emotional intelligence and Resilience capacity as a trainer, through the learning process.  

What are your benefits if you decide to join us?

  • The knowledge and confidence when applying digital coaching tool – the I.YOU app, in your training activities in live, online, and blended learning environments;
  • A genuine space for personal development and growth through the guidance of a team of professional trainers and coaches, and the power of the group learning;
  • Exchange practice and knowledge with the other participants; 
  • Full coverage of your participation fee, thanks to the Erasmus + program, which co-funds the I.YOU Project. 
  • Certificate for attendance of the I.YOU Training and using the I.YOU App, the digital coaching tool developed under the I.YOU Project.

TO REGISTER, follow this link >>>

Who is providing this awesome opportunity? 

For Belgium

New Mindset Coaching &Training:

Contact person: Svetoslava Stoyanova (

For Bulgaria

National Management School:

Contact person: Yonko Bushniashki (

For Iceland

North Consulting:

Contact person: Maria Kristin Gylfadottir (email: 

The creation and delivery of his Training Program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of EU. 

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