Self-leadership coaching

“Self-leadership is the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and actions towards your objective/s”.

Bryant and Kazan 2012, Self Leadership – How to Become a More Effective, and Efficient Leader from the Inside Out

Self-coaching is absolutely crucial because it leads you to an inner exploration and understanding of your own mind and heart. Self-coaching is the path to total self-mastery.

Self-coaching covers a person’s whole self and all areas of your life – personal and professional. But before even thinking if self-coaching is an option, let’s see what Coaching really is about. There are many definitions on it but the one that resonates with me the most is:

Coaching is a learning or development process through which a person is supported until a specific personal goal or professional outcome is achieved, thanks to the supportive relationship between Coach and Client, the methods and style of communication used.

Coaching is a skill, something that can be learned and further developed. It definitely is something that can be practiced as self-coaching by individuals who have developed a deep self-observation skills, have managed to become non-judgemental, and can generate conscious, unbiased responses to key questions. All skills that require persistence, dedication, time, and effort. Something that is not easy to secure in our dynamic reality.

So, we can decide to go with the option – find and match with a Coach. But most people cannot afford the time, resources, or energy to meet with a Coach or at least not to do it as often as it is necessary in order to obtain a sustainable change in our life. Still, especially after the uncertainties of the last few years, people looking for tools that can help them move forward and thrive again. What can be done and how can the Coach-Client relationship be replaced?

Leaving the the most technological era, we have the inspiring opportunity and access to a variety of online and tangible tools. Tools that support learning in an easy, game-like manner become very popular and desired. They help us learn new things fast, without spending too much time on theory but moving into the practical part and then catching up with the knowledge.

Some of my favourite examples are: learning photography using beautiful cards – so if you want to take a picture of an exotic sunset, you find a card called “exotic sunset”, or “full-moon”, or “portrait”. There you receive the step-by-step directions on how to do it.

Another example is how kids are thought programming by using interactive blocks. It is tangible and kids put block one next to each other immediately testing the result and learning through play (a real, result-oriented simulation).

Well, like the more acceptable variations of self-learning, self-coaching is also possible with the help of tangible or digital tools. They overtake the role of the Coach and are a mediary between the user and the user’s unreleased potential. In other words, self-coaching with the help of a well-design tool is possible and it empowers the person develop different point of view and find sources of support and success.

This is what we will aim with the I.YOU software.

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