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On the 06.10.2022 was given the official start (a kick-off meeting) of the I.YOU project. During this co-creating meeting was set the base and coming understanding on the work we will provide in order to most efficiently meet the planned objectives.

The I.YOU online tool will employ practical implication of the theory and practice of coaching (ICF), Intentional Change Theory (published by Richard Boyatzis, 2006, Journal of Management Development), the concepts of Positive intelligence (Shirzad Chamine, University of Stanford ), Positive psychology (Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania), Emotion Self-Regulation (featuring the work of Ethan Kross, University of Michigan) and the practical approach of The Coaching Habit (presented by Michael Bungay Stanier).

The project addresses the selected priorities by democratization of coaching and growth service, turning it into accessible digital tool, increasing the quality of youth work being result of thorough research and design work:

– Develop a set of learning materials and tools for applying eco-systemic coaching in youth work in online environment – recognizing the importance of youth work and supporting trainers and youth workers to increase the quality of their service;

– Multidisciplinary application of the digital tool and content, which can be used to support young people and youth workers engaged in all fields of education, training, youth and sport; coaching partially stems from empowerment in sport disciplines, and is amplified with theory and practice of psychology and positive intelligence;

– Supporting youth workers in delivering training and increasing their ability to suggest digitalized self-learning process to their trainees;

– Addressing digital transformation, offering online experience in otherwise traditional “consultant’s/mentor’s office / training hall setup”;

– Offering accessible easy to use self-help digital coaching tool. This directly meets one of the priories towards Mental health services transformation, identified in WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health 2021–2025 (p.7) “Empower and enable self-care and self-management.” (WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health 2021–2025).

We are all very excited, inspired, and full of positive energy about the project development!

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